Lose Lower Belly Fat Fast – 5 Proven Ab Exercises

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alright, enough of that…what if I was to tell you that these two common ab exercises..

that I just showed are pretty much completely useless when done this way.

You’d be pretty shocked, right? Especially since every fitness magazine, and fitness expert is telling you to do leg raises and to build nice v-cut lower abs.

Well, I’m telling you not to do these exercises. And to be more specific I’m telling you that you’re just working your abs plain wrong.

Let me show you what I mean. Look left to right…clap hands and cut camera to the new scene

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So first you have to understand a little more about how your abs work. First of all that six pack that everybody knows loves and

wants is just one out of four major portions of your abs and is known as the rectus abdominis.

You still also have a transverse abdominis which is your deepest layer abdominal muscle and…

that muscle is responsible for keeping your core tight, supporting your lower back, and pulling your stomach in.

And then we also have our internal and external obliques responsible primarily for lateral flexion and rotation.

The rectus abdominis or “the 6 pack” is the muscle you want to work when you’re trying to build your lower abs and its main responsibility is trunk flexion.

And it’s super important to realize what that is to build abs more effectively. Trunk flexion is simply put bending around the trunk area. So here…………………………

So this has to happen…. in the trunk….area. now there’s a big difference when that happens in the trunk area and when that happens in the hip and pelvic area.

When that movement happens in the hip and pelvic area that’s when you start working your hip flexors not your abs.

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So let’s get back to the gym so I can show you the proper way to get shredded lower abs with 5 exercises that’ll be done in a way that you may have never seen before. 

 For the first lower ab exercise we’re going to do a pike with valslides and a resistance band.

Remember resistance and weights are important for building ab muscles so try to incorporate weights and increase resistance as often as you can.

So for the pike, if you’re using a resistance band wrap it around something sturdy and then put your valslides directly under the resistance band.

Then step with your toes in the center of the valslides and wrap the resistance band around your ankles.

Next, you’re going to walk out until you feel that the resistance is challenging enough and then you’re going to attempt to bring your toes to your hands.

Keep in mind even in a position like this we’re still going for trunk flexion. When your butt gets to the top of movement try to curl your hips into your abs and chest.

A regression for this movement would be to remove the resistance band.

For the next exercise we’re gonna correct the leg raises we were doing wrong earlier. But just raising your legs up and down you’re working mostly your hip flexors.

You can do leg raises if you incorporate a crunch in your trunk area at the end of the movement with a pulse up for example.

Or another way to do this entirely is to bend your knees put a weight between your feet and do a variated form of reverse crunches from there.

Again you would want to try to curl your hips and knees into your abs and chest. And really make sure that you squeeze.

By doing this exercise on a bench you’ll be able to stretch past the point of neutral getting more muscle fiber recruitment.

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 For the next lower ab exercise we have T-Rex knee tucks. And it’s just as important as ever that you do this correctly to actually Target your lower abs.

Start with your feet inside the T-Rex and come up into a push-up position then you tuck your knees to your chest and again make sure you try to curl your hips to engage your core.

You can actually also do Pikes with the T-Rex as well and if done correctly it could be the progression for T-Rex knee tucks.

Just remember to curl those hips in. Now we’re going to correct the hanging knee tucks that we were doing earlier.

Just hanging off of a bar and throwing your knees up and down without using your hips is useless.

And I would say that’s what most people do whenever they do Hanging knee tucks or hanging leg raises.

Doing it this way once again only works your hip flexors not your lower abs. Take a wild guess what you have to do to get the ABS involved in this movement? You guessed it you have to have that trunk flexion.

So when you tuck your knees you want to try to curl them into your chest. It’s almost like in all of these exercises

you’re aiming to do crunches with your hips and legs rather than just raising your feet up and down.

And an advanced version of this exercise would have you curling your knees far enough back to touch the bar with your toes.

This exercise if done correctly you will definitely feel it in your lower abs. It’s a very effective and challenging lower abdominal exercise.

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For the last exercise, we have Dragon Flags and also as a regression Dragon thruster.

Now, this is not a lower ab-specific exercise but it’s amazing exercise to work your entire core including your lower abs.

The main difference between this exercise and leg raises is that your hips are also off the ground period

and leg raises your hips are on the ground and only your legs are being raised which can prevent trunk flexion.

On this exercise, you should grab something sturdy behind your head to hold on to it. When you first start this exercise you’re just going to want to concentrate on mastering the Eccentric portion.

So you cheat Your Way to the Top by doing more of a pulse up and then when you’re up almost on your traps and neck you’re going to lower your whole body in a straight line as slowly as you can.

And then again raise straight up……………… and lower. A more advanced way would obviously be to do both the concentric and eccentric portion of the movement.

So pretty much eliminate the pulse at the beginning where you were cheating your way up. Hear you’re actually going to raise your way up.

But that’s it guys those are my five most effective exercises to build lower abs. Now keep in mind even though this will build your lower ab muscles even if your diet isn’t clean,

you do have to have a proper diet to burn away excess fat sitting on top of your abs. You can Target which muscles you want to build for example you can Target your lower abs.

However, you can’t Target fat burn. So the best way to burn belly fat is to burn fat from your whole body as one unit. And the best way to burn fat from your whole body is through diet modification.

The good news is that I have plenty of meal prep videos that teach you how to make your own meal plan from scratch and I’ll link up these videos right now at the end.

What you can do is you can combine one of my meal prep videos with this video to work on burning the fat and building the lower ab muscles. I really hope these tip have helped you guys out

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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