Hey, guys welcome to part two of how to lose weight fast the comprehensive no BS full truth Edition. If you haven’t seen part 1 yet there’s a link in the description that you can click on. So for those of you that have seen part 1 you already know that the first 3 days are critical. After the first 3 days, you will still need the willpower to stay away from the Barrage of junk food and advertisements that you’re going to encounter on a daily basis. Unfortunately, science has shown lately that our willpower is not so reliable. To make our willpower more effective all we can pretty much do is limit ambiguity. We have to make sure that our fridge is packed with healthy options and we want to also make sure that we take healthy options with us to work and wherever else you will be spending a lot of time. Don’t give yourself too many options as this has shown to tax willpower as well. You want the decision-making process to be as simple and straightforward as possible when choosing what to eat. When you have to cook a meal from scratch or interrogate a cook at a restaurant it makes it a lot more complicated to make a healthy decision. It also causes you to spend more time thinking about what to eat while hungry which increases the chances of eating the wrong thing to satisfy your hunger. This is why you want snacks and meals already prepped ready to go.

In this guide, I’m not going to give you a structure of how many times a day you should eat or what specific food you should eat. Because meal frequency and specific food don’t really matter as much as how much food we’re eating in regard to weight loss. I only advocate real healthy food because it fills you up and reduces your hunger without any addictive additives, but make no mistake you can lose weight with poptarts the same way you can lose weight with broccoli. We all know what healthy foods are. We all know what foods are processed…And there are literally 100s if not thousands of healthy grocery lists online that list the same exact foods. I promise you there’s no secret Food that you don’t know about that is magically healthy for you that nobody has ever told you about. And that actually reminds me to mention once again that so many people are looking for a way to lose weight fast that’s like a cheat code or a quick fix that allows you to eat all the junk you want and still lose weight. Even though there are tons of these cheat codes out there I can confidently say that they are all bs and don’t work.

The only way to do it isn’t even so much through exercise but more so through eating fewer calories than you burn daily. I recommend clean real natural single-ingredient food, only because when you can only consume a limited amount of calories you’re going to have to be eating clean the majority of the time to maintain muscle mass and to get all your vitamins and minerals in. Also, the reason why I say it doesn’t have as much to do with exercise is that we’ve all seen the examples in which it’s shown how long you have to exercise to burn off one french fry. Even though exercise is very necessary to maintain muscle mass and to burn off some additional calories…For weight loss diet is the number one key to losing and keeping weight off. And by diet I mean what and most importantly how much you’re eating. How much you’re eating is so important because even if you have just one donut a day or one cookie a day you will still lose weight and a lot of it. You won’t look like you have a great body composition but you’ll still lose weight.

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