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If you want to learn the best way to measure your body fat percentage accurately then you’ve found the right video.

I’m going to go over exactly what you’ll need to get this job done in a way that’ll produce reliable results at home fast.

Of course, there are options like hydrostatic weighing and DEXA scans however for this video I’m just going to assume that

you’re not even going to bother with these methods because they’re expensive hard to find and they take a lot of time.

Realistically we want to stick to the options that are simple and we want to find a way to have accurate results without breaking the bank.

So the first way we can do this is by using a method that can be done in our own homes using materials available to us right now and that’s through circumference measurements.

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All you need is a measuring tape. If you’re a man between the ages of  18 – 26 years old you’re going to measure three spots:

the circumference of your right forearm right below the elbow, your and right at your belly button, and your upper right arm a little below your shoulder.

If your a 27-year-old man or older the only difference is instead of measuring your upper right arm you’re going to measure your hips.

For women, if you’re 18 to 26 years old you’re going to measure your abs at your belly button, your right thigh right below your glute, and you’re right forearm.

And if you’re over 27 years old you’re going to measure your right calf right below the knee instead of your right forearm. Then you just plug in your stats into a calculator that I’ll link up below.

Next up is the bioelectrical impedance device and in my opinion, this is one of the easiest ways to track your body fat.

These are the devices that you see that look like video game controllers and the scales that come with metal strips on them.And the way they work is they send a small electric pulse through your body which travels faster through muscle

then it does through fat and depending on how fast it travels through your body and returns back to the machine, the device calculates your body fat percentage.

Some things you want to be aware of to get an accurate reading are one, make sure that you have full contact with the metal parts of the device.

So make sure you’re feet or your hands are in contact with the metal parts of your device as much as possible.

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If using a handheld device don’t squeeze the life out of it just hold it with a regular grip. Make sure you hold your hands straight out in front of you and lock out your elbows. And then just hold still while it takes your body fat percentage.

Next, we have the skinfold calipers. This device can take your body fat percentage a couple of different ways. The simplest way is to take one measurement a couple of inches above your hip bone.

However, if you want a more accurate result I recommend taking three measurements. If you’re a man you’re going to measure at your chest, your abs, and your thigh.

For the chest measurement, you want a diagonal skinfold right between your nipple line and your armpit.

For the abs, we want to be one to two inches to the right of the belly button. And for the thigh, we want to take it at the midpoint between your hip and your knee.

For women, we want to do the tricep at the midpoint right between the shoulder and the elbow.

The surreally located about two inches above the hip bone and the same thigh measurement as for men.

And then you plug your measurements into a chart which I’ll include links to in the description.

There are also some really cheap options for skinfold measurement devices on Amazon which makes this an inexpensive yet accurate way to take your body fat.

The downside is that this one is obviously more time consuming than just doing bioelectrical impedance.

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Next, we have online calculators that say they can do it based on your weight your height your age and your activity level.

These calculators make no logical sense for how they actually figure out your body fat. So I would stay away from them.

Last but not least is what I call the mirror method. Stand in front of the mirror and take a good look at your shape and how your body fat is distributed.

Then take a look at a sample of a bunch of different pictures of people at different body fat percentages.

And then you would pick the picture that looks most like what you look like in the mirror and guesstimate your body fat percentage that way.

This is probably by far the easiest way and believes it or not it can be pretty accurate. So these are the best methods that I’ve seen for finding your body fat percentage in an inexpensive quick way that you can do yourself at home.

You may be wondering which one of these are the most accurate and the true answer is none of them.Body fat testing in general even at its best still has a lot of variabilities that leads to inaccuracy.

Even though the skin fold method is considered more accurate than for example bioelectrical impedance by most of the fitness community…

if you accidentally take a skinfold measurement a couple of inches in the wrong direction it can completely throw off the accuracy of the test.

The same thing goes with circumference measurements. And all of these tests are known to produce results that are at least a 3 – 4% above or below your actual body fat.

So my best piece of advice on how you can use these body fat devices is by using the same device to give you the same unit of measurement over time and don’t worry

so much about the number, you get to worry more about the change over time using that same device.

Meaning doesn’t use skinfold measurements and then switch over to bioelectrical impedance.Keep it consistent. And out of the four I really like bioelectrical impedance and the mirror method the most.

Because they take a lot of human error out of the equation and these methods are by far the simplest and fastest ways to do it.

Remember to keep all of your measurements consistent. So take them on the same day of the week at about the same time of the day and at the same spots on your body if you’re using skin fold or circumference measurements.

That’s it guys I really hope this video has helped you guys out. If you enjoyed these tips please make sure you leave it a big thumbs up comment below.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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