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14 02, 2018

5 ways to burn fat | Gravity Transformation


5 ways to burn fat Check out my client Ben's transformation where he lost a whole bunch of fat. Most people associate fat loss with a long grinding process that takes time. And even though fat loss does require work and effort, In today's video id like to go over the 5 best ways [...]

5 ways to burn fat | Gravity Transformation2022-01-08T20:15:56-05:00
16 05, 2015

Lose Weight While Sleeping | Gravity Transformation


Would you like to know how to lose weight while sleeping? Well this is the question that I tackle in today's post. Lose Weight While Sleeping - Whoa!!! I have a lot of clients constantly asking me how to lose weight, but very rarely do people even consider the fact that you [...]

Lose Weight While Sleeping | Gravity Transformation2021-07-23T22:55:53-04:00