The Egg Diet | Lose 10 lbs in 7 Days

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The egg diet is it just another passing fad diet or is it actually a legitimate way to lose a lot of weight very fast.

It’s definitely true that people have lost a substantial amount of weight on this diet plan.

All over the internet people that have tried the diet claim, you can lose 22 pounds in 2 weeks or approximately 10 pounds per week.

So I wanted to make this video explaining what the diet is, how its done, as well as discussing the pros and cons.

Because even though you can definitely lose a lot of weight eating like this you also want to weigh out the good and the bad to decide whether its the best route for you.

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The egg diet isn’t just one diet plan as there are a couple versions. You have the traditional egg diet, you also have the egg and grapefruit diet, the extreme egg only diet,

the boiled egg diet, and the ketogenic egg diet and all the names essentially refer to a similar diet plan but there are slight differences in each that id like to go over first.

All of the egg diets are low in calories low in carbohydrates and high in protein. The traditional egg diet requires you to start each day with eggs usually two boiled eggs for breakfast with

some kind of citrus fruit as well as low carb veggies like asparagus, mushrooms, broccoli, and spinach.

Then you eat lean sources of protein like fish or chicken breast throughout the day as well as salad and more low carb vegetables.

An example would be two boiled eggs and your favorite citrus fruit for breakfast. Steamed dark green vegetables with chicken breast for lunch, and a salad and grilled fish for dinner.

An example of this would be two boiled eggs for breakfast along with a medium-sized piece of citrus fruit.

Then for lunch, you would have two boiled eggs with steamed veggies and for dinner, you would have fish or another one to two more boiled eggs with a salad.

With the egg and grapefruit diet things are the same for the most part, but for your citrus fruit, you would stick to grapefruit.

Some grapefruit and egg diets advocate that you eat grapefruit with every single one of your meals and I’ve seen a lot of grapefruit and egg diets recommending that you keep your calories under 800 per day which is quite low.

The extreme egg diet is exactly what it sounds like you’re basically eating only eggs, and the ketogenic egg diet is where you incorporate more fats like butter, full-fat cheese, coconut oil, and olive oil.

These keto egg diets which are also sometimes referred to as egg fast diets usually incorporate more total eggs for the day ranging anywhere from 6 to ten eggs per day and they’ll throw in one tablespoon of fat with each egg.

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So the first question is will this help you lose a lot of weight fast? Well, this diet looks very similar to the way you would eat on a no carb day during a carb cycling diet.

The no carb day is the lowest calorie day of the carb cycling diet where you’re basically eating only lean sources of protein and some fats throughout the day.

Most of the fat loss occurs on your no carb day, and the other days of carb cycling are more for refeeding on carbs and calories to avoid low energy levels.

So since this diet is similar to just doing back to back no carb days with your primary protein source being eggs,

your weekly calories are going to be so low that I have no doubt that anyone that tries this diet plan will lose weight and they’ll lose it fast.

Since you’re not going to be having any carbohydrates you’re automatically going to lose a lot of water weight, especially in the beginning.

Carbs make your body retain water, so without them, you’ll be flushing all that water weight out. With the number of eggs, you’re eating you won’t have to be too concerned about muscle loss while doing this diet plan.

They’re also very filling and in combination with vegetables, they can make managing hunger throughout the day a lot easier on this diet.

Now even though the egg is a great source of nutrition there are a lot of nutrients that it’s missing so an extreme egg diet where you only eat eggs is probably not a good idea because you’ll quickly find yourself malnourished.

Another thing you want to be aware of is that a lot of egg diet plans are very low on fiber while being high in egg protein.

This can lead to some serious bowel issues like really bad constipation especially when you do this plan for an extended period of time.

And that’s something that we should talk about as well. Most people stick to an egg diet for a maximum of two weeks and keto style egg fasts usually last 3 to 5 days.

A big reason why is because you’re most likely going to get really sick of eating eggs all day every day, and if you hate eating the food allowed on your diet plan chances are high you won’t be sticking to that plan for very long.

Besides the extremely low calories that are recommended on some egg diets the egg diet is very similar to Atkins except your primary protein source is eggs.

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This means you could achieve the fast weight loss described on egg diets simply by cutting carbohydrates and calories really low.

There really is no magic to the egg itself. One thing you should know is that it’s obviously not a normal thing to eat half a dozen all the way to a dozen eggs per day.

And our body will react negatively to protein sources that we constantly eat so you can develop an allergy to the eggs themselves due to the fact that you’re eating so much of them.

This is usually how allergies develop when you eat too much dairy or too much gluten or too much egg whites you will develop an allergy over time.

So there are certain people that are advocating that you can stick to an egg diet for a long period of time by switching up a ton of different but staying on this diet plan for longer than even 5 days is not going to be the healthiest thing for you.

On top of that let’s talk about workouts. When you cut your calories extremely low and you cut your carbs extremely low as well you’re going to have a tough time in the gym,

especially with high-intensity workouts. Carbs provide the energy for you to be able to perform at a high intensity and they allow you to efficiently do anaerobic activities like weight training at intense levels.

The keto egg diet allows you to have more fat which overtime can be used as an energy source by your body as it adapts but due to the low calorie nature of all of these diet plans your workouts will most likely suffer.

You won’t be able to lift the same amount of weight you were lifting you won’t have quite as much endurance and you’re going to feel tired throughout the day in general especially if you’re sticking to low-calorie recommendations like under 800 calories per day.

Even though weight loss will definitely occur and it’ll probably happen fast on any of these egg diets they may not be the best approach for actually keeping the weight off because nobody’s going to want to maintain such a strict diet long-term.

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So make sure you consider that before you start this diet plan because you want to at the very least have a back-up plan of what you’ll transition to from this egg diet because like I said you’re not going to stay on it forever.

Instead of overdoing it on the eggs and setting up a diet plan that will probably not guarantee you long-term success

I find diet plans like fasting Keto vegetarian and carb cycling much more effective at establishing a healthy eating pattern that can help you lose weight over time and actually maintain that weight loss.

And other diet plans will give you more variety with your food options which will ensure that you’re taking in all the nutrients you need to be healthy without getting bored of eating the same thing every day.

So even though you can lose weight fast on this plan for me the egg diet does fall under the category of just another fad diet it’s neither a well-balanced diet

nor is it a safe long-term weight loss plan due to nutritional deficiencies the possibility of developing allergies and boredom from the lack of variety.

Most people won’t be able to stick to it and once they back out and they begin eating the way they were before the egg diet they will definitely regain all the way they’ve lost.

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Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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