This Surprising Test Reveals Your True Body Type

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By the end of today’s video you’re going to know exactly what to do to get the best results for your particular body.

Whether your goal is to lose weight tone up or build muscle this simple task will really help you get a better understanding of where your body is at right now and how to move towards your desired body type.

There are those that claim that there are no body types and that everything is measured by hard work at the gym

and in the kitchen and having been a trainer for over 10 years I can tell you and that’s complete nonsense.

And this is proven by science it is true that nobody should be obese however everybody does have their own weight set point people store fat in different places some people store more fat in their stomach area,

other people store it more in their thighs, in the chest, and we also have different shapes to our muscle bellies, different lengths different thicknesses, different lagging muscle groups.

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The point is people really do come in all different shapes and sizes again this doesn’t mean that you should be obese but it does mean that we can identify the shape or size

that you’re at by certain characteristics and apply certain training principles that have proven over time to work to move you towards your desired body shape.

Okay so let’s start with the test the way that this test works is I’m going to ask you a series of questions

and your going to answer a b or c and either write down your answer or remember it because the letter that you answer with most often will help you identify

what your body type is by the end of this test. Its a simple test and I’m sure you’ll be surprised with the results.

First question, do fitted jeans generally feel

a. snug, but not too tight around your butt

b. loose around your butt or

c. tight around your butt.

Pick the description that best fits your body

Second question, if you wrap your hand around your wrist does your middle finger and your thumb

a.just barely touch

b. overlap or

c. they don’t touch.

Next question would you characterize yourself as having

a. a natural v shaped body

b. a naturally very lean skinny long frame, or

c. a naturally wide heavy frame.

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The fourth question requires a measuring tape

so if you want to come back to it and leave it blank you can, but I highly recommend you do this one because it’s very accurate. Is your chest measurement

a. between 37 and 44 inches

b. under 37 inches or

c. greater than 44 inches?

When you get to a measuring tape seriously do this one.

The fifth question is how would you rate your metabolism

a. fast, but you don’t have a problem building muscle,

b. so fast that it makes it difficult to put on muscle, or

c. slow.

Next question In relation to gaining weight its

a. easy to gain muscle, but you don’t typically gain too much fat. You may even see some ab definition while bukling

b. you have trouble gaining muscle and gaining fat, in fact if you finally do gain a couple pounds your body fights to return you to your normal weight or are you more of a

c. where its easy for you to put on muscle, but its also very easy for you to store fat especially around your midsection and lovehandles.

Question number seven does your upper body resemble an

a. upside down triangle,

b. rectangle that’s vertically long and horizontally narrow or

c. a square or round shape.

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two more questions. do you have an

a. narrow rib cage thinner than your wider collar bones

b. a narrow rib cage as narrow as your narrow collar bones and your narrow hips or

c. a thick blocky rib cage as thick as your collar bones and your thick hips.

And last question which body type do you look like in the mirror.

a.b.or c

If you’ve answered a to the majority of the questions you are at the mesomorph stage right now meaning you have a v-taper appearance.

If you answered b to the majority of the questions then you are an ectomorph with more of a narrow lanky body,

and if you answered c then you are an endomorph with wider thicker body. Now before I go any further I want to say that you are not stuck in your body type.

That kind of thinking leads to people giving up and not working as hard at making the necessary changes to change your body type.

And then it becomes a self fufilling prophecy. I don’t care if you’re the hardest gainer in the world,

you can eat enough and drink enough soda if that’s what it takes to spike your insulin to have you gain some weight.

You may always struggle with building more muscle mass, but with enough work ethic and enough food you can achieve a mesomorph looking body.

If you’re an ectomorph focus on eating a diet high in protein and very high in carbohydrates to constantly be spiking your insulin that’s why I mentioned the soda example,

having a couple cans of soda per day seriously works for real hardgainers. Drinking soda throughout the day is not a healthy long term plan,

but for a short term bulk it will spike your insulin and help you gain some weight. Predominately your high carb diet should be comprised of healthy carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes,

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quinoa, buckwheat, barely, cous cous, and ezekiel bread, but mixing in high carb beverages can really help you gain some weight.

As an ectomorph try to lift heavy weights and stay away from cardio while bulking. If you happen to be an endomorph on the other hand you don’t have any trouble gaining weight.

By the way endomorphs are typically very strong most of the worlds strongest men are endomorphs.

These are people that can squat cars. You won’t typically see ectomorphs or people like maurice pujonowski who’s a rare mesomorph you won’t typically see those guys on worlds strongest man.

So there is an advantage to being an endomorph and you have to ask yourself what’s more important to you strength or aesthetics.

If you want to move toward a more aesthetic mesomorph frame you should focus on doing a cut were you have moderate levels of protein low levels of carbs

because endomorphs tend to be carb and insulin sensitive and a moderate to high fat diet depending on how low your carbs are.

You should also limit rest days. while a mesomorph can get away with 3 workouts a week for maintenance,as an endomorph you may want to try skipping rest days and instead throwing in some cardio.

Last but not least as a mesomorph,

aesthetically speaking your goal is more or less to maintain or gain some muscle while maintaining or losing some fat.

To bulk you can increase calories including carbs pretty freely. And cutting can be as simple as long as throwing in occasional fasts and occasional bouts of cardio.

remember whatever your body type is right now there are benefits and advantages to each body type,

and when you seem to be stuck at a certain shape or even if you’re in between two different body types you can move towards your ideal body type just by putting in the work consistently.

That’s it guys I really hope you enjoyed this tip. To all my endomorph and mesomorph subscribers that are looking to either lose some weight

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where people lose an average of  20 pounds or 5 percent body fat in six short weeks. See you guys soon.

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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