V Cut Abs Shredding Workout

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Today’s I’m giving away one of my favorite V cut ab workouts that you could do right in your own home and you don’t need any weights or any equipment at all.

A couple of quick pointers before we start first of all the lower abs seem to be the obvious go-to for people that want to build that v shape.

But the v-cut is a lot more than just your lower abs. You also have your obliques which actually make up the majority of that V cut.

It’s my muscle that’s coming across here that We’re trying to build. So just keep in mind that obliques are super important for achieving that V cut look.

On top of that also understand that most people are working their abs wrong. I’m not going to be over there in your living room correcting your form

so pay close attention to what I’m about to say and then we’ll jump right into the exercises.

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If you’re aiming for an effective ab workout you want the majority of the movement not in your hips and not in your neck but in your trunk.

We need trunk flexion to hit the abs better. So bending around your waist and around the middle of your spine is considered trunk flexion and extension.

When doing these exercises make sure you’re not just raising your legs up and down without engaging your core and make sure that any kind of crunch movements includes you lifting your shoulder blades off the ground.

If you’re just moving your neck and your upper back trap area off the ground you’re going to be wasting your time.

Understand there’s a big difference from working your abs when talking about hip flexion trunk flexion and neck flexion.

Okay with all that said the very first exercise that we’re going to work on is one that I called the Navy Seals to sit up.

Sounds badass right well it is pretty badass because this one is going to give you a great workout without using anything other than your body weight.

Start this exercise by sitting on your butt then extend your feet out away from your hips while still keeping them slightly above the ground.

Put your fingertips next to your ears and lower your upper body while keeping your feet above the ground.

Then come up and bring your opposite elbow to your opposite knee. then return back to the starting position with your feet above the ground.

Now do the other side and you go back and forth. Guys this is super effective exercise this is like the bicycle sit up on steroids.

This is a tough one so if we could aim for 30 reps to start that would be great.

Next, we have the reverse crunch and when this is done correctly it could be one of the best exercises for your lower abs.

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You want to start by laying flat on the ground with your arms out for support. You’re going to bend your knees and curl your knees in towards your chest.

You should feel your hips rise up off the ground to create that trunk flexion that we were just talking about.

When you bring your knees in you really want to make sure that you squeeze then bring your knees back out to a 90-degree angle

you don’t really need to go lower than that because any lower than that will start to engage your hip flexors rather than your lower abs.

This may not look like much but this is far better than trying to hit your lower abs with regular leg raises.

Let’s shoot for 10 reps with this exercise. I’ll explain sets at the end when I it into all your other exercises.

For the next one we’re going to do an isometric contraction. All that means that you’re going to be holding the tension in one position.

These are called V holds you’re going to sit with your feet straight out in front of you and then you’re going to lean back on your butt and raise your feet up off the ground.

With your hands reach towards your toes to act as a counterbalance. Again you want to really squeeze the core and you’re pretty much just holding this position.

Now even though this is a great exercise for your lower abs it’s also a great exercise for your transverse abdominis

which is a deep layer abdominal muscle fiber and for your rectus abdominis which is that six pack that we all know and love.

So you’re really getting multiple benefits out of this exercise. Try to shoot the hold it for 60 seconds or if you’re a beginner to start with 30 seconds.

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For the next one let’s hit the obliques.The first exercise we’re gonna do for the obliques is the Russian twist.

You’re essentially going to get into the same position that you were in with the V hold being careful not to sit too upright because that’ll make this exercise super easy.

Now you could grab a weight for this exercise. It could be something simple like a gallon of water or a container of laundry detergent

but since this is the no gym version you don’t need a weight to make this exercise effective.

You’re going to just twist side to side and tap…. tap…. tap. This exercise will hit your obliques and your lower abs.

Since we’re doing it without a weight you want to go for a high rep range I would say roughly 50 to 60 reps is a good rep range to shoot for.

If you are doing it with a gallon of water you can shoot for 30 reps when first starting off.

Next, we’re going to hit the lower abs again. These are called pulse UPS.

You’re going to lay flat and point your legs straight up towards the ceiling then you’re going to lift your butt up off the ground as you push your hips knees and ankles up towards the ceiling.

The critical part of this movement is on the descent. You want to lower yourself as slowly as you can while squeezing your core really tight.

So you’re going to raise up as fast as you want just make sure that your feet are going straight up

they shouldn’t be going over your head instead they should be in line with your hips and then you’re just going to lower down a slowly as you possibly can.

As long as you do these correctly with the slow descent all you need is 10 reps if you could even make it to 10 reps.

Moving on for the next exercise we’re going to go back to obliques. now some people don’t think of this exercise is effective but that’s just because a lot of people are doing it wrong.

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The standing oblique crunch is done by holding a weight in only one hand to the opposite side of the obliques that you’ll be working.

Your range of motion is very important to do this correctly. You want to maintain a very short range of motion.

Dip As far as you can towards the weighted side. Then come back up but stop before you get and you were close to being straight up as soon as you come straight up all the pressure comes off your obliques.

I see some people not only coming straight up but also crunching to the side opposite from the weight. Doing that does nothing except slow your progress. Remember…. maintain a very short range of motion.

depending on the weight that you have available to you that’ll determine the number of reps but if you don’t have a heavyweight and you just have a gallon of water aim for 20 to 30 reps.

for the very last one, we’re going to hit the obliques and the lower abs. You’re going to lie flat on your back spread your arms wide to your sides and raise your legs straight up at a 90-degree angle.

then you’re going to turn your hips and your legs side to side while squeezing your core. This is a truly great oblique exercise that incorporates the lower abs.

For this one again let’s shoot for 20 reps. so the way that I would set up this work out since you’re not using a lot of heavy weight for your abs

you really want to bring them to failure through short rest time and high-volume.

so I would do all these exercises as a circuit with no break in between the exercises and then you could take a two-minute break at the end of all the exercises. after that just try to repeat for two more sets for a total of three sets.

if you’re hitting failure for some of these exercises and you can’t complete all of the reps that’s a good thing just move on to the next exercise and keep moving forward. 

that’s it I really hope this tip has helped you out.  if you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to this channel.

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Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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