What’s Your Body Type

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I’m not fat I’m big-boned… phrases like that have been tossed around for a long time to establish that people come in all different shapes and sizes.

Now even though it’s definitely true that people come in all different shapes and sizes and have different frames… the big-boned Theory makes sense

if you have a couple of extra pounds and you have a large frame but it’s not like being 30 pounds overweight can be explained by your bones.

Even though the big-boned thing may not be as true as many wish to believe, there are three different body types

and in today’s video, I want to teach you exactly how to figure out what category you’re in and what’s the best strategy to build the maximum amount of muscle and burn the maximum amount of fat for your particular body.

You can think of these body types as three categories and one of the categories will describe your body a whole lot better than the other two.

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These three categories are the mesomorph the ectomorph and the endomorph. To give you a brief overview

the ectomorph has a tough time putting on weight and is naturally lanky and lean, the endomorph is the exact opposite side of the spectrum.

This person will usually be larger in appearance with heavier fat accumulation and little muscle definition.

They find it hard to drop the weight even though they might have already tried several diets or workout programs.

Then last but not least we have the mesomorph which is considered the ideal body type 4 bodybuilding Aesthetics.

This is the person that is naturally muscular and can build muscle fairly easily while staying lean.

Even though the mesomorph body type is what most people want there are plenty of endomorph and ectomorphs that have made amazing transformations.

And I’m going to give you the tips that you need for your exact body type also referred to as your somatotype.

I want to start first with the ectomorph because that’s the one that most people trying to lose weight wish they were.

Here are some easy features you can look for to identify if your an ectomorph…..An ectomorph normally has a thin lean lanky type of physique.

Usually, they have long thin limbs with stringy muscles. It’s very easy for ectomorphs to lose weight and to stay skinny year round.

However, it’s also super difficult for ectomorphs to gain muscle mass or any kind of weight for that matter.

If you’re a true ectomorph you clicked on this video most likely looking for a method to build some muscle

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or to tone up which for you would be done by mostly building muscle since you’re probably already lean.

Ectomorphs are also referred to as hard gainers and they have this nickname obviously because it’s so difficult for them to pack on muscle.

To summarize… in order to identify if your an ectomorph check for a flat chest, small shoulders, a stereotypical “fast metabolism,” lanky limbs, and if you have a hard time gaining weight.

Good examples of ectomorphs are Brad Pitt and Kate Moss. If you’re an ectomorph trying to gain muscle the best tips for you are … number one you have to make sure that you’re going heavy in all of your exercises.

I want you to take long breaks and lift the heaviest weight load you can lift for 5 to 8 reps of mostly compound exercises.

And they always look for ways to up that weight. Also, you should be eating a very high-calorie diet…

like I’m talking about forcing food down and at least 60 percent of your calories should be coming from carbohydrates.

the carbs will help keep you in an anabolic mode…. which reminds me…in order to stay in a muscle building mode ectomorphs should do their best to stay away from cardio altogether.

you do not need to be burning any extra calories. If you’re more of an endomorph definitely don’t take that advice you’ll need a different strategy.

For identification purposes, an endomorph will have a substantial amount of fat accumulation, a large appetite, trouble dropping weight, a larger frame, and low muscle definition because the muscle is covered by a layer of fat.

Think of jack black and queen latifa. Those would be considered endomorphs. For endomorphs the training advice about trying…

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 to lift heavy remains the same except you would want to incorporate as much cardio as possible, unlike the ectomorphs.

High-intensity interval training would be a great way to get your weight training workouts in with some cardio included. The endomorph diet is where there are some major differences.

First of all, you don’t want to keep calories high you want to try to keep them low so portion your food and eat tons of vegetables.

Carbs for endomorphs I highly recommend you keep them under 25 percent. And your fat intake can actually be quite High a good place to start would be 40 percent.

I know a lot of endomorphs that have experienced a great amount of success with a ketogenic diet which is a very high-fat low carb diet.

Last but not least is the mesomorph and some identifying features are a V-shaped frame, thin waist, broad shoulders, symmetrical build, and seems to put on muscle and burn fat easily.

Some popular mesomorphs is Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and halee berry and teena Turner.

If you think you’re a mesomorph you’re in luck because everything is going to be easier for you. As a mesomorph,

in order to burn fat, you will have to be in a calorie deficit just like everyone else but you will want to have enough calories to maintain muscle mass.

As a mesomorph, I recommend you keep your carbs somewhere around the 40 percent range and try to limit cardio to a minimum when cutting.

The last thing that I have to stay is that you can be a combination of more than one body type.

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So you might be a mix of a mesomorph and an endomorph rather than a pure endomorph.

Or you might be a combination of an ectomorph and a mesomorph. in this kind of situation, I would always take the advice for the body type that I’m trying to move away from.

So if I was an endomorph and a mesomorph but I was looking to become more of a pure mesomorph then I would follow the workout and diet tips given to the endomorph, not the mesomorph.

The bottom line is if you think that you are a combination of more than one body type that’s totally fine you would just apply the tips for your particular situation.

but that’s pretty much it guys I really hope this tip have helped you guys out

Join 30,000+ people that have changed their bodies and lives with my Free 6 Week Shred

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