Why You Don’t Have SHREDDED ABS

You’re never going to have abs. unless……….. you make some major changes to your workout program and your diet plan. And after years of training and working with thousands of clients I found that it usually boils down to three things that are preventing you from seeing a full out shredded six-pack.

I’m going to show you exactly how to easily fix these three things that you’re doing wrong in this video, and by following these 3 tips consistently you’re gonna see your six pack in no time. So let’s start first with the biggest mistake people are making and that’s treating your six pack like some sort of special muscle rather than treating it like all the other muscles in your body. All these ideas about doing hundreds of reps of crunches, working your abs every single day, and never upping the weight load used……..all these ideas are totally wrong. And the proof is simply that you wouldn’t use these strategies for any other muscle in your body. You wouldn’t do hundreds of chest presses to build your chest…you would probably just go with a heavyweight for 6 – 10 reps wouldn’t you? Why is it that I never see anybody at the gym working their abs with any kind of weight I’m not even talking about a heavyweight… any kind of weight. How do you expect to continuously Challenge your abs without some form of progressive overload built into your weight training structure? You have to continuously Challenge your ABS by using a heavier weight load for the exercises you do if you want to see continuous Improvement in the shape of your abs. That means either add weight or increase your rep range to absurd levels like a 1000 reps of crunches. Upping the weight sounds more realistic, right? Great ways to add weight to your ab exercises include putting a weight behind your head or holding a weight straight up towards the ceiling for crunches and situps and holding a weight between your feet for all your leg raising and knee tucking movements. Now, people make the same mistake by hitting their abs every single day. You don’t hit your biceps every single day or your legs or your back for that matter. Give your abs a chance to recover that’s when they grow so the bottom line for tip number one….. work your abs the same way you would work any other muscle in your body that you’re trying to grow. The second easy fix is to incorporate more trunk flexion in your ab movements. So what is trunk flexion you might be wondering? Essentially it’s bending around your torso and your stomach area. A lot of people are doing their crunches and leg raises totally wrong to the point where instead of working their abs they’re working their hip flexors and their neck. You may be making the same mistake too because it’s the very fine details in the ab exercises that make them effective or useless. Some common training cues that you might have heard before are to keep your core tight, pull your belly button inward, and squeeze your abs during all your abdominal exercises. These cues help increase the chances of torso flexion rather than hip flexion or neck flexion. But I got some even better cues that can completely change the game for your ab workouts. For all your crunching movements make sure that your hands are just touching the sides of your head and for every rep be sure that your shoulder blades are coming off the ground. That’s the main tip …..make sure your shoulder blades are coming off the ground for all your crunching and sit-up movements. For leg raises, knee tucks, and pikes you want to really make sure that you try to curl your hips knees and feet into your chest. Again this recreates that crunching motion that we need in the Torso in order to actually work our abs. Just raising your legs up and down without engaging your core creates a crunch in the hips rather than the Torso. which means that you’re just going to be working your hip flexors primarily and if you’re lucky your abs will be involved as a secondary muscle. Obviously, you want your abs to be the primary muscle worked so make sure that your curling your hips into your chest “that’s the best way I could think of describing it.” Last but not least I got the third easy fix for you and it’s a mistake your making with your diet plan. GUYS…………… I hope that by now most of the YouTube Community knows that in order to actually see your abs you have to build up the six-pack muscle

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